Gregory Puret - Ostheopath


HEALTH TRAINING - Relieve pain and relax the tension of the lower back and pelvis

In order to give you the means to relieve tension and recurring pain common to all, I propose a health training workshop . During this short course, you will be presented guidelines for identifying the anatomical structures involved. Finally you will be trained in gentle manipulations that relieve these most frequent tensions.

Namely, 40 % of people are susceptible to pain in the lower back that can be easily identified and can be relieved by everyone.

I hope as a therapist to share knowledge and practices accessible to all and to facilitate the management by yourself of the people you know living with those pains.

Registration for creating groups of 3 to 5 persons maximum from :

Grégory PURET

A second workshop will complement this one. It will treat aches and pains of the shoulders and neck.